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Posted on Mar 1, 2012 | 5 comments

Cops Bust Randy Travis for Sitting Quietly

Cops Bust Randy Travis for Sitting Quietly

I know that cops like to give poor people a hard time for sitting in their cars, or on benches or wherever we happen to sit still. But it sounds like these cops in TEXAS didn’t recognize the country music star, nor believe him and now he gets a taste of how the other half lives, poor guy. Somebody please tell these cops: IT’S NOT A CRIME TO SIT IN YOUR CAR.
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  1. laughter, no one told police authority feels so at least it was possible to feel a little on the other side.

  2. hehehe I just saw this video and remembered the video that I saw yesterday. It was about a chinese 12 years old who tryed with random street girls. Please check it in youtube and you will see. Search for 12 years old chinese. You wont be disapointed. Regards from Spain.

  3. He was sitting in his car drunk, they had to make sure he wouldn’t drive anywhere.

    If people weren’t so stupid, cops wouldn’t have to be jerks :)

  4. hehehe fala sério né, esses policias tão de brincadeira mesmo. isso é um absurdo.

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