We’ve switched from a no follow blog to a do follow blog several years ago.  Most of you won’t know what this means.  It’s an internet marketing thing -it’s also a fairness thing.    If you take the time and read the content and make a thoughtful comment I will then have a way to pass on a tiny bit of benefit to the website of your Building links is the best way to get a web site higher rankings in the search engines, especially Google.  the problem is most blogs add a “nofollow” tag to the links in comments automatically.  Most search engines automatically just ignore links with this tag attached to them.

dofollow250DWe believing in rewarding those that take the time to actually write a thoughtful comment (ie the comment was made by an actual human and not a robot that goes around placing the same comment on as many blogs as it can find.  Thus we’ve turned our blog into a “do follow” blog which means we’ve programmatically removed the “no follow” attribute from the links in our comments.

This does not mean we will accept robot comments.  All comments are still manually approved before being published.  But now if you comment on a video, you get a reward!

We even take this a step forward and we even use “Comment Luv”. It’s a WordPress plug-in that takes a dofollow blog a step further. If you have an account set up with the the CommentLuv web site, our blog will automatically fetch the headline and url of your last blog post and add a link to it in your comment.

On our other websites, switching to a do follow blog has brought a wealth of new comments and visitors.  We hope it does here too!