I’m not sure what these girls were trying to do, but evidently their stupid plan didn’t go as they expected:

Apparently they put something flammable on the back of that girls pants and then lit it. And then of course they are surprised and unprepared when it actually caught fire!
Update, I don’t know what the “violation of terms” things was about, but youtube has been know to not make sense when it determines what videos stay and what are deleted. Anyway I replaced the video with a similar one.

Sorry I’m not trying to pick on girls, but evidently it’s stupid girls day. I promise next time I’ll look for stupid guys!

Stupid Stupid, Pants on Fire!


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  • Texx

    Thanks for the heads up Charles. I scoured the internet looking for another copy of the same video, but in the end I had to replace it with something similar.

    Really, I checked alll 8,334,556,214,365,209 web pages on the internet and there just isn’t another copy! 🙂

  • Avatar Costume

    Amazing that after thousands of years and billions of dollars spent that morons can’t quit playing with fire. Serves goofballs right when they get a case of the “hot pants” for playing around with flames near their body. Duh, the rest of us with a brain do our best to not be on fire, while these goofs go around setting things, and themselves on fire.

    funny post, when you see just how goofy people can be.

    • Texx

      If you ever stop using blogspot then we’ll talk about linking. As it is now, Google is practically banning everything on blogspot. Which is funny because Google owns them!